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Packing up and moving Apr. 1st, 2008 @ 11:07 pm
I've got a new LJ, mshcherbatskaya, which, yes, I did  choose that name just to be difficult, why do you ask?  One or two of you will no doubt recognize it.  For some reason I have developed an attachment to that ungainly heap of consonants, so I'm keeping it.

I just feel like this here journal has become too much a catalog of failure, so much so that I actively avoid logging into it anymore.  So, I'm going to start a BRAND NEW CATALOG and that will fix everything.

What brought this on?  Well...

--I just got offered a new job (which is nice, but how many times have we heard that before?)
--I got a new rat and one of my rats is dying. (Again, how many times?)
--I have "decided" not to go back to school again.
--I have a thrice-yearly Crazy in progress again. (Not as bad as it has been in the past though.)
--The list of things I used to do and love that I no longer do and love, things that are recorded in this journal, is way too long.
--I got on the scale this morning and, I kid you not, I weigh 99 fucking pounds.  I am just kind of...*hands in the air.*  I told my mom and she's doing a great job of not freaking out and not nagging me.  Those of you trying to lose weight are welcome to send it to me Priority Mail and I will reimburse you for shipping.

So!  Clearly the solution for this is a NEW LJ!

I have no current plans to shut this LJ down, I just won't add to it any more.

If you want my change of address, so to speak, go ahead and friend the new one and I will friend you back.  I will be porting various things into the new LJ, some from here and some from other locations, so content will be showing up but some of it may not be current.  Communities and shared journals will be friended when I'm properly settled in.

Maybe I should check my horoscope Mar. 28th, 2008 @ 03:56 pm
I had  three second-round job interviews in 24 hours and then got an email asking for a screening interview.  After 5 months of unemployment, it feels weird, as though my resume got a boob job and now everyone wants to ask it out on a date, but I haven't changed it at all and the job market is actually trending down here, so WTF?  Not that I'm complaining but still, WTF?

Ah, here we go - 

If you're intent on scoring and imbibing an exotic psychedelic drug from Africa, please seek out stuff that has been grown organically. If you're planning to acquire a panther as a house pet, make sure it has been housebroken. And if you find it impossible to repress your urge to stagger into a bar and find a stranger to take home for a night of carnal rapture, be sure to practice safe sex. APRIL FOOL! Everything I just said is a lie. Here's my real message for you: You're susceptible to rationalizing risky behavior, which could lead you to do stupid things. I suggest you either postpone sketchy adventures for a couple of weeks, or else get frank feedback from a clear-headed friend before diving in. 

Apparently, Rob has noticed me making a colossal prat out of myself on the internet, picking fights with 19-year old boys.  Nice to know he's looking out for me.


Blame BioWare - again. Mar. 28th, 2008 @ 01:00 am
So out of the blue, I write not one but TWO fics, both out of video games set in the Star Wars universe

I really like the game, and I had fun with the fic.  That's the important thing with games and fics, right?

The second one is based on a mission in the game where you get in to see an important crime boss by posing as an exotic dancer.  I think the dance in the game is supposed to be sexy, but it is just...not.  Again, it's Atton-fic.


Don't ask me how I ended up fangirling in this universe - Blame it on BioWare Mar. 27th, 2008 @ 01:56 am
 OK, so I was playing this game, and I really enjoyed the story, and it happened to be a Star Wars game and I don't even do Star Wars.  I'm so un-Star Wars, as a matter of fact, that I keep mis-typing Star Wars.  I'm kind of embarrassed, but here it is.  Might be kinda squicky for some people, as it includes a torture scene, and not the happyfun safeword kind.

It's about this guy.

Wet WorkCollapse )

Midlife Crisis - Incoming! Mar. 21st, 2008 @ 09:59 pm
For the past two weeks, I have hung out at a coffee shop after an appointment, to have a snack and do some knitting. Both times, I have had men chat me up. Both times I thought to myself, "Why are these old guys flirting with me?" Then I realized that, in all likelihood, they are no more than 5 years older than me.

I went home and shot space aliens on the Xbox like a proper 14-year-old boy and felt better.
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» You got your gender wank in my fan wank! You got your fan wank in my gender wank!
This came up in a discussion amongst a bunch of fanboys gamers male video game enthusiasts of my acquaintance regarding the term "fanboy" - what makes a fanboy, are you a fanboy, is "fanboy" an insult?

They were generally of the opinion that fanboys were ignorant asshole game supremacists, and that very few of them would willingly accept the epithet "fanboy," and none of them would actually claim it.

This struck me as odd, because my feelings and experiences regarding the term "fangirl" are very different. I will unabashedly refer to myself as a "fangirl", a fangirl in multiple arenas, even. I am an Alan Moore fangirl, an anime fangirl, an Oscar Wilde fangirl, a Guillermo Del Toro fangirl, a Battlestar Galactica fangirl, a BioWare fangirl, a BPAL fangirl, and on and on. It seemed to me that, from what I had observed, there was something solitary and competitive about the fanboy, that it was about one fanboy having a bigger weenie greater skill and/or knowledge than other fanboys. And teabagging. Teabagging seemed to be involved as well.

Fangirls, on the other hand, seem to be as sociable as meerkats, and indeed, what is a fangirl without her fandom? And yet I never hear the guys talking about their "fandoms." I don't think the word is even part of their vocabulary. I pointed out this apparent gender difference and was rebuffed, told that I was totally wrong-headed and that fanboys and fangirls are the same, just like policemen and policewomen are the same.

So what do you think? Are fangirls and fanboys different? Maybe this calls for a poll. Shall I make it a poll? Yes, lets.

Poll #1154979 Fan Gender Differences Poll

How do you identify?

I am a fangirl
I am a fanboy
I am a fan who rejects your gender-normative assumptions
I am a media enthusiast
I have no idea what the hell you are talking about
When was the last time you actually went outside? Seriously! When?

Do you think the term "fangirl/boy" is derogatory or offensive?

yes, I don't like it
no, I don't mind
no, in fact I call myself a fangirl/boy
sticks and stones, sticks and stones...
it's complicated, see my comments

Do you think fangirls and fanboys are the same or different?

The same - it's just innies vs. outties, that's all
Not even the same species
I do not know any fannish people who are not of my gender
I think it depends on the fandom
You are all freaks

Please elaborate

» The Rat Roll Call
Because I'm starting to forget their names.

Miss Mink

» My least favorite thing about International Women's Day
The Backwards Baseball Cap Asshaberdashery Fashion Show, starring guys whose company you normally enjoy. Luckily, the forum thread was locked before I got there, as I'm sure there would have been head-esplodey involved. Take Warren from Season 6 Buffy, beat him with a 2x4 made of 100% post-consumer, recycled Stupid, and then put a keyboard in his hands.

"Why don't we have an International Men's Day?"
"Why do you need one?"

"Feminists hate men!"
"No, we just hate YOU."

» Dolly and Stella had better look out!
Liquid Rat Dip

It's a treat, not a treatment.
» Re-establishing my alpha status - a neverending task
DOLLY RAT: *runs to corner of room, chews carpet*
ME: PSSSSHT! (That means "No!" for my rats.)
DOLLY: *ignores* *chews*
DOLLY: *ignores* *chews*
DOLLY: *ignores* *chews*
ME: *grabs DOLLY, pins her on her back* Who's the boss? Who's the boss, huh?
DOLLY: *squirms*
ME: Who's the boss? Give the boss a kiss! Who's the boss?
DOLLY: *squirms*
ME: Who's the boss? I'm the boss! Give the boss a kiss! Who's the boss?
DOLLY: *licklicklick*
ME: That's right! I'm the boss! Be good! Noooo chewing!! *puts DOLLY down*
DOLLY RAT: *runs to corner of room, chews carpet*


In other news, after a night of insomnia and nosebleeds, I am as full of bitterness and self-pity as a Pink Floyd song. My one bright spot (or should I say, my one bright spot that does not chew the carpet) is the fact that I'm still giggling over yesterday's exchange with theodicy, wherein I passed along the term "wankerchief" and received in return the word "twatwaffle.".
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